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“It's this idea of being a black man entering a space where no person of color has gone before. I associate many of the sounds of electronic dance music with outer space and I do believe that EDM is the music of the future.”

“You'd never think of hearing that song with processed vocals, distorted samples, pitched vocal bits and sidechain compression for instance. But that's the direction I went on it… Right now I am making house pop. I like to take elements from house music and intertwine it with the pop-song form. But I'm sure my sound will evolve as I become a better musician.”

- Interview with Brooke Hunter, December 2018



“…if electronic dance music is truly the music of our generation, I’d like to see that reflected in the diversity of its artists. EDM has become such a huge business and it would be fantastic if that commercial success could be shared by artists who aren’t solely straight white men, frankly. I’d like to see a Black Calvin Harris.”

— Interview with Chill Magazine, November 2018

Photo: Marc Geller

Photo: Marc Geller

Adam Davenport on Nudity On-Stage: “It’s Just the Character’s Costume”

“With each show, I find myself more concerned with bringing details to my performance that have less to do with nudity…”

— From The Daily Actor, August 23, 2018

Photo: Marc Geller

Photo: Marc Geller

Growing Up Gay and Black in Park Forest, Now Performs Naked Off-BROADWAY: MEET ADAM DAVENPORT

“It’s ultimately more important for you to be okay with who you are than getting approval or validation from others. I think that’s taken me a long time to learn because I didn’t have that immediate validation from home, so I sought it from other places when I probably would have been further along if I had realized that I just needed to be okay with me… I’ve had lovers for instance who were racist, and I was able to challenge their preconceived notions about black people just by being myself.”

— Interview with Gary Kopycinski, July 28, 2018



“All artists have an opportunity to use their voices to influence or inspire in some way. Belonging to two marginalized communities, I understand that our differences should make us feel beautiful, rather than be a reason to hate or belittle one another.”

- Interview with DNA Magazine Australia, September 2017


INTERVIEW WITH ADAM DAVENPORT: I was mesmerized by Star Wars as a kid 

“It is okay to fail: I’ve learned more from making mistakes than from ‘getting it right.’ Sometimes an accident can lead to a breakthrough.”

“I prefer working with someone who can clearly communicate what they want… We’re all here working together to serve the story, and it’s not very helpful if the captain of the ship doesn’t know how to articulate what they’re asking of you in the storytelling.”

- Interview with Indie Activity, May 10, 2017

Photo: Andrew Foord

Photo: Andrew Foord


Exclusive Interview: Adam Davenport FROM SHOOTING PORN

“I was bullied as a kid and the theater was the first place where I felt truly welcome. There, my creativity and sensitivity were embraced rather than belittled. My freshman year, Rick Fonte cast me in Pride and Prejudice and I caught the acting bug…” 

“These characters are based on real interviews and working on this material has challenged my perception of the adult film industry. Food for thought: we publicly treat gay adult movies like it’s this dirty thing but maybe there is someone who is closeted or sexually repressed and is unable to express his sexuality but he’s seen an erotic video and he’s made a connection to it and that connection may be all he ever has to his authentic sexuality. Our job as actors is to help others understand someone whose world is different from their own through the power of our own interpretation. If our cast can bring empathy to these characters and make you not only see these performers as real human beings but maybe even understand something about human sexuality that you never considered before, then we’ve succeeded and done our job in that regard.”

-Interview with Hot Spots Magazine, February 8, 2017

Photo: Jon Malinowski

Photo: Jon Malinowski


“The world is a very big place where everything you need lies therein. But without the right guidance, it is easy to miss out on great opportunities.. It helps tremendously if one has a mentor who can provide milestones for one’s success.”

- Interview with EPN Magazine: The Magazine for Entrepreneurs and Professionals, January 2017

Photo: Mike Dote

Photo: Mike Dote


A taped interview on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network that first aired June 3, 2016.

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